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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the FAQ’s below will help but if we’ve not covered your specific questions please do not hesitate in contacting us on 020 7060 1244

Drone Questions

QIs Birds Eye View Productions licensed and qualified to operate commercially?

Yes. Birds Eye View Productions has “permissions for aerial work” granted by the C.A.A. Our pilots have also the BNUC-S Qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

QIs Birds Eye View Productions fully insured?

Yes. We have £5 million public liability cover in line with our operating guidelines and rules laid out by the C.A.A.

QIs Flying a UAV Safe?

Yes, we have very strict safety measures in place and every project requires a pre-flight check before we commence operation. We also have on-board safety measures and at the flick of a switch the UAV will come “home” and land by itself. The same procedure is in place should the batteries run low or we lose communication with the UAV.

QWhat weather conditions can’t you fly in?

Unfortunately, we cannot fly in the rain! Our UAV’s are battery powered and we don’t like to mix the two. Also, strong winds can also be a problem, up to 15mph, especially if we are flying near to trees or other objects.

QCan you fly indoors?

Yes we can dependent on the size of the area. However, when we operate indoors we are not subject to the rules and regulations placed upon us by the C.A.A. but a discussion needs to be had regarding insurance.

QHow long can you fly for?

Depending which drone we are using we can fly from around 7-12 minutes on a single battery. We carry multiple batteries with us to each job so we can land and change the power supply.

QWhat is the height, range and speed of the UAV?

By law we have to be able to see the UAV at all times, so there has to be always uninterrupted line of sight between the pilot and the UAV. We can fly out to 500m giving us a 1km radius (although we can use a vehicle to fly from to extend the range). We are also limited to 400ft in height; however it is sometimes possible to get permission to fly higher if required.

QHow much does the service cost?

It is hard to give a general cost as each job varies and we price each job on an individual basis. Factors including the location, risk, amount of pre-shoot work required (such as site visits or obtaining special flying permissions, if required) will play a part. However, we appreciate that budgets need to be set so we have outlined here the “from prices” for our services:

QDo you hire out the equipment to third parties?

No. Drone equipment that is used for commercial work must be piloted by a certified and licensed pilot by the CAA.

QIs it safe to fly on top of actors/crowd?

Safety is our main priority and we NEVER fly over an audience or crowd who are not in our control and who are not briefed on the emergency procedures. Most of the time however we are able to fly next to actors/audiences with a clear flight line and make it look like we are over them.

QHow do you know the shot is right?

We have a live video stream down to a monitor which enables us (and our client) to ensure framing is correct.

QCan you control the camera from the ground?

Yes, we can remote control our evolutionary 3-Axis professional HD gimbal with 360 degree pan and tilt.

QAre UAV’s better than helicopters?

UAV’s are certainly much cheaper! Helicopters are loud and intrusive and cannot fly below 500ft. Being battery powered we are quieter but more importantly are able to get up and close to the action or subject of interest. Additionally, we are able to get an aerial filing platform in the air at a moment’s notice during the filming day, fly in any direction with full 360° panning capabilities – over water, snow, mud and other ground conditions.



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