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Interactive media allows the viewer to step inside an image or video to be taken on a truly immersive experience. A website is fundamentally a “shop window” for every business, so showing what’s “on offer” in a way that hasn’t been possible until now, is fast becoming the favored approach for businesses and events. Interactive videos provide the platform for this by providing eye-catching content, in a perfectly visual way and is also something people will talk about and remember. Proven also to increase engagement and ROI.

Interactive video tags are a new way to give the viewer additional information about your product or services,  which improves the visitors perception about brands and how people feel about a website. By giving control to the viewer, they will have at the tip of their finger or mouse, all the information they need about your business or event.

Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher than a static photo or link at the bottom of the video frame, these interactive tags encourage viewers to explore extra content, opportunities to buy or help create immersive experiences.

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Different types of interactive services

Birds Eye View Productions offers interactivity across two mediums:

Interactive media is an amazing marketing tool and it has been proven that it will lead to you will receiving 38% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking this type of media tool. Furthermore, it will keep visitors to your website for longer and increase your overall brand awareness.

“Matt and his team delivered a very professional service and produced some beautiful shots, Would highly recommend.”

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The Power of Interactive Tags

It is now possible to add customised ”hotspots” that when clicked either a text box, video or a website of your choice will appear. Videos can be opened within the video or virtual tour or in an external internet browser. On interactive videos, we are able to add these tags to any moving person or object which then track their movements as the video plays through.

Increasing the user experience

A growing number of different industries are now recognising the power of this media and has proven to help grow traffic and trust organically. Your business or event could also benefit from having an interactive video, here are some ways how…

  • Increase website visitors retention and engagement – placing the video on your website
  • The “social media effect” – people are more likely to share content that’s interesting
  • Personalise the experience for your customers – you will give the opportunity for users to explore your business in their own way
  • Increases sales by alleviating doubts – providing a means by which questions can be answered in no other way
  • Helps increase your organic search engine listings


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Matt was very prompt at replying to emails and responding to client edits. He's personable on the phone and emails, and the final result was very good
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We're extremely pleased with the promotional clip created by Birds Eye Productions. The team were very accommodating, professional, and always happy to help. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other people or companies who were looking for a professional marketing video or interactive map.